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A Quick Guide to Notarisation

The most common functions of notaries within Australia are: authenticating official, Government and personal documents, witnessing signatures of individuals to documents and authenticating identity, and certifying true copies of documents for use overseas.

The Apostille is a statement identifying the signature of the notary and comprises a large stamp affixed to the signed document, which is authorised by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Notarial services overseas DFAT provides notarial services overseas through embassies and consulates. This includes certifying photographs and true copies of documents, witnessing signatures, certification of identity and Apostilles of documents. Difference between a Notary Public and a Justice of Peace While a JP’s role is primarily focused on certifying a person’s identity and true copies of original documents, a Notary Public can carry out the same function, as well as have their own official seal, which is recognised in Australian, foreign and international courts. If you require further information or any assistance with Notarial services, please contact us on (02) 9283 5290.


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