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What are Notarial Certificates?

A Notarial Certificate is a written document or statement that bears the notary public's signature and seal and affirms the facts being attested to.

Notarial Certificates are required for a number of different notarial acts, such as the following examples:

- Notarial Certificate that certifies documents are a true copy of the original for use overseas. Documents certified by Justices of the Peace are not probative outside of Australia, but notarised documents are.

- Notarial Certificate authenticating documents for use overseas. This may include educational documents such as degrees, diplomas and academic transcripts, or business documents. A Notary Public is required to investigate independently to confirm the document is authentic.

- Notarial Certificate verifying the identity of an individual. If a person is required to provide evidence of their identity to a foreign government or organisation, a notarial certificate is generally required for use overseas.

- Notarial Certificate verifying the incorporation of an Australian company. Companies may be required to provide evidence of their legal existence to foreign bodies or government, and a notarial certificate can show this.

These are just a few examples where Notarial Certificates may be required. If you require a Notarial Certificate, or have any questions, please contact our friendly team on 02 9283 5290 or send us an email at

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